We believe that good service is about taking the time to work in close communication with our customers. The many industrial and commercial sectors in which we operate have highly complex needs, which makes it all the more important we guarantee that the products we supply are to the right specification for the application they are to be used for. Our team is always here to listen, to source, to chase and to provide the right level of expertise to deliver the product you need at the time you need it.


In the Services section we introduce you to some of the expert services we provide to our customers. You decide what you need from us, our job is always to respond – and we think we’re good at that. If we have missed anything of importance to you, or you have questions about any of our services, please alert us through the contact page.

Technical Information

Kendon Rope and Twine aims to have technical specifications and supporting information for every product within our range. We believe that quality technical information is a decisive factor in the purchasing decisions our customers make; helping to provide clear definitions of product manufacture, materials, quality and safe use. Specifications provide a reference to specific performance compliances and standards; and reinforce that products meet customer expectations and use criteria.


Contact us to discuss your technical information requirements

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