Product Uses

It is the diversity of our highly functional product range which keeps us unique in the market – we supply: ropes and mini coils, twines, threads and strings, sash and nylon cordssecuring and lifting equipment, tarpaulins, adhesive tapes and pallet wrap, galvanised buckets and bins, laundry products for use across a wide range of applications and industries. In the Product Uses section we introduce you to our range and the varied ways our products are used by our customers. If we have missed anything of importance to you, or you have questions about the use or specifications of our products, please alert us through the contact page there really is so much more for you to discover about Kendon Rope and Twine as you start to look through our website.

Art & Crafts

Kendon Rope and Twine stock a large range of art & crafts twines, cords, ropes and other materials for the creative crafter. Our products include:



Visit our products pages to find out more about our range, or contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also click here to view products widely used within arts and crafts projects. 



Hemp Rope